"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

~Philippians 1:6

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Couple Of Unrelated Things

I'm going to write about a couple of things today that don't have anything to do with each other, but since they won 't be really long I didn't want to have a bunch of short posts. So..

1. I've been really stressed lately because we haven't found a house yet. We're moving in 15 days, count it, 15 days! And we still haven't found a place to live. I can't get people to call me back which frustrates me to no end. If the house isn't available just let me know, it's not that hard! Sorry...anyway I had a bad day the other day and when Derek got home I went to our room for some much needed alone time with God. I read the passage in M.U.F.H.H for the day and the verse was..."Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him" (Matthew 6:8) Such an awesome verse for we're going through right now. I had to repent because I've been grouchy and irritable worrying about the housing situation. My dear, patient sister has been wonderful about encouraging me and helping me through this whole process. Derek is so understanding too, he just tries to comfort and reassure me. His presence is such a comfort in times like this.

2. Why in the world did the Green Bay Packers trade Brett Favre?!?!! I mean seriously he is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game and will be in the hall of fame someday and you trade him. Great move, I want to know who the bonehead was behind this decision because it was a poorly made one. I don't know who Aaron Rodgers is or what he's done to make the Packers pick him over Brett Favre, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't hold the NFL record for Career Passing Yards, Career Passing Attempts, Career Completions, or Career Touchdown Passes. Because Brett Favre holds those records! I'm not watching one single Green Bay game this season. Mark my words, I will however be watching a few Jets games. There is my sports tirade for now. Now that football season is approaching you will probably reading a few more of those. I'm apologizing ahead of time. I'm also praying that we have enough money after we move to get cable or satellite. I know it's pretty trivial, but I can't stand to watch one game a week of some crappy team NBC decided to air. OK, now my tirade is over.

3. Now for the best news of all. I'm going on a date with Derek tonight! I'm so excited, it's been forever. We need time together too. I can feel the stress of the move starting to get to both of us and sadly we are taking it out on each other. So tonight, we will spend time together and let go of all the stress and tensions that have been building. I'm so stinking excited! I get to wear make-up and clean clothes. I mean I always wear clean clothes, but by the time it's bed time I have hand prints and fingerprints dabbled with jelly, dirt, and some unknown substance I'm scared to find out what it is. God is truly gracious to allow us this night.


  1. You're right...the Packers were crazy to let Brett Favre go...I just wish he could have come to the Bears:)

  2. I agree with you Grace. Derek and I were saying that very thing. The Bears should have never re-signed Grossman. I think he holds the record for interceptions in a game. I would have loved to see Favre in Chicago. At least they re-signed Urlacher.

  3. When my husband resigned as pastor of a church in Georgia, we were moving to Tenn. to be near our new sending church as we raised our support to come to Portugal. We looked for 6 weeks for a house to rent. Also folks in Tenn looked for us. Nothing....It wasn't until the day before we moved that the pastor of our new church called us to say they had found a house. He took care of the contract for us and the next day we moved everything we owned, along with our 5 children to a house we had never seen. The Lord took care of us...and He will do the same for you!