"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

~Philippians 1:6

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I Dislike Immensely

Waiting in line*Waiting at red lights*Slow drivers*Ignorance*Rudeness*Wind*Water chestnuts* Ketchup*Cherry flavored candy*Swiss Cheese*The Jets*The Cowboys*Spongebob*Bigotry* Racism* Mean-spiritedness*Verizon*USC*Oregon (the college not the state)*Hyenas*Temperatures over 80* Crimes against children*Parents who don't cherish their children*Illogicalness*Abortion*When people assume I'll do something without asking*Hot dogs*Bologna*Sausage*When people touch my food*A non-family member invading my personal space or touching me*Squash*Watermelon*Pears*Mushy bananas*People getting famous for doing stupid things*My feet being touched*Being touched by other people's feet (except Derek's)*People drinking out of my milk glass* Domestic violence*Drinking out of containers where I can't see the liquid (pop cans excluded)*Stupidity*Using words out of context*Lazy grammar*The word pic*Crunchy cookies*Money sharks*People who abuse their power*Large crowds* The Raiders*WSU*Michigan (the college not the state)*Yankees*LSU*San Diego Chargers* Going to Wal Mart*Lasagna*Tomatoes*Chicken & Dumplings*Light bulbs burning out*Pills getting stuck in your throat*Bad hygiene*The expansion of the Pac 10*Pete Carroll*Kites*Good movies with bad endings* Peas*Dell computers*Being judged*Judging others*Clutter (even though I'm the Queen of Planet Clutter) *When my cell phone battery dies*Thieves*Drug dealers*Instant gratification*When the new car smell goes away*Being an outsider*Not being liked*Gossip*Feeling inferior*Back and rib pain*

I reserve the right to add to this at any time. If you have some you want to add go ahead send them over, light-hearted or not I want to hear them all!


  1. Totally agree on the water chestnuts, YUCK!
    *Artifical watermelon-the smell makes me want to throw up*Cliques*text language in a post*Broccoli cheese soup*Artificial stupidity*flirting*False modesty*stilleto heels*immaturity*books that are only clean for the first 90 pages*badly written books*main characters that die*tatoos*meth/drugs*
    see you tomorrow!

  2. Love the list! Just out of curiosity...how do you feel about the NE Huskers? My family are fans, but of course, I'm clueless about football anyway. :)

  3. I like Nebraska OK. They whooped on UW when we played them during regular season. UW got a bowl bid and ended up playing Nebraska in it (the Holiday Bowl) Everybody was sure UW was going to get walloped again, but my Huskies pulled it out. It was magnificent! So I don't mind Nebraska :)

  4. Natasha I will agree on most of your list. That broccoli cheese soup sounds completely yucky!

  5. Wow! Some of these I feel kind of responsible for, chicken and dumplings, the milk glass thing. That one I soo get. I feel privileged that you let me touch your feet haha. Good movies bad endings: still trying to get over The Way Were? haha. I love that movie.