"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

~Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This and That

You know how I said I was super excited for my birthday for one reason? Does anyone remember what that reason was? If you remember you get...the satisfaction of being right. If you guessed Town Talk Cake then you would be super satisfied right now (right)! I called today to put the order in and the guy who usually makes the cakes had surgery soooo no cake for me! I was so bummed!

Then I got really depressed this morning. Derek has to work late on my birthday and no ridiculously awesome cake so I decided I just wanted to skip my birthday. I felt so sad and pathetic. I half-heartedly reached out to the Lord and took the kids to school and came home. While I was home I got a message from one of the sweetest girls I know whose name is Katie. She said they were having a BBQ at Cellular One (my former work place) and I should stop down. I decided that despite everything in me telling me to stay home and nurse my depression I got ready. I put my make up on, did my hair, and dressed in something that would make me feel better about myself. It worked. God is so good in the way He works. I was telling Lisa about my birthday problems and she insisted I was not skipping my birthday. Me and her were going to go to dinner together and when Derek got off he could join us. I was so excited. I love spending time with Lisa. She's amazing. We laugh tons and share and make each other feel better.

So I've decided that for Derek's birthday I'm getting like A TON of cake!

And as a side torture note (insert evil genius cackle), I found Sarah's birthday gift!

OK so on to some really awesome stuff. I should divide this post up, but I am in fact that lazy. God has been doing amazing things in my heart. Since Derek's cancer and all the problems that ensued I haven't been close to the Lord at all. I have felt that He has been so silent. I didn't understand it and frankly I didn't want to try. I was mad at Him. A couple of weeks ago our pastor gave a great message and for the first time in a long time I felt a familiar stirring in my heart. So the next day I sat down with my Bible. I was so determined. I told Derek that I was going to sit my Bible and God would be there because He promised He would. Guess what? He was! Last week at church was awesome. Fellowshipping was amazing and the message was great. God is doing amazing things in my heart and I believe that's why this morning was so hard.

My kids just got up so I better go take care of them. Sorry the ending was so abrupt.

God bless!

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