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~Philippians 1:6

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quite Possibly A Rant and A Rave

I'm pretty good at ranting and raving. It's quite possibly because I'm so passionate, it's also probable that I'm crazy (you're probably betting on the latter right?). I'm gonna rant and rave about a couple of things and in the next week or so the soapbox is really going to come out of the closet, because to put it mildly I'm MAD. On a side note, my birthday is in 10 days. What I'm most excited for? Town Talk Cake! Woo Woo!

Ok, so on to my rant ( I don't want to forget about it). What is the deal with rude people?!? When I say rude, I mean RUDE! They run into you in the grocery store and don't say sorry, they don't say excuse me if they try to get by you, and when you say excuse me and more than once might I add, they won't move! I get so tempted to ram them with my cart! Don't be so surprised, you all knew I wasn't perfect. 

People don't say please or thank you anymore either. My Mama taught me manners and if I didn't use them, well let's just say you didn't want her to catch you not using them. I like to hold doors open for people, I feel it's a basic polite thing to do. I don't do it for the thank you, but I would say about 80%, yep you read that right 80%, don't say thank you! What has society come to that we don't even use basic manners anymore? 

The other day I went to a restaurant and you know what happened? The waitress set some of my food on top of my mashed potatoes!!! I hate it when my food touches! It's so gross! There are only 3 things that can touch on my plate. Those 3 things are mashed potatoes, corn and gravy. You know what the waitress didn't set on my mashed potatoes? Corn or gravy!! I was horrified and had to wipe my food with my napkin. Grr... 

Ok, rant and rave over. Thanks for listening :)

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  1. LOL! You're crazy, Erica! But...I like you in spite of the fact that you're obsessive over your food not touching! :)
    Yes, I agree about the manners! Mom and dad have always taught all of us to hold doors for people, most don't say "Thank you!" but I've had quite a few say it! And it makes it all the more enjoyable when someone ACTUALLY says it! :) I think sometimes It's a pride issue with people, if they acknowledge your sign of respect, they feel guilty because they don't do it! I don't know...crazy world we live in...
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