"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

~Philippians 1:6

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Big and Happy News

My Mama is getting married! Very awesome news. That is the news I referred to one of my posts (my prescription drug addled brain is mush). No one deserves this more. I'm so happy for her. She will be moving, which doesn't affect me too much since I'm used to only seeing her a couple times of year. It will however affect my sisters and I'm sad for them.

My mother raised me and my sisters alone. She is probably the strongest person I know. She's amazing. I'm so happy she finally found someone that loves her the way she needs and wants to be loved. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the wedding physically, but I will be there in heart and spirit. I tear up when I think about my mom and all she's done for me. She's taught me so much, she's sacrificed much, and she's loved me much.

So Mom, here is to you. I know God has blessed you and I love you very much. Bill, here is to you. Thank you for loving my Mom and welcome to the family (I apologize in advanced for the craziness).


  1. oh my Erica Lynn, thank you. I love you so very much. I miss our times on Elm Street, the best time ever. I wish you knew how much I love you. Yes, I'm very happy. I have been blessed by God and I couldn't begin to ask for more. He has not only given me what I need, but also what I want. You don't get that very often and I'm grateful. Bill is a wonderful man. I'm still amazed he loves me. Thanks for writing about us. I miss you.