"Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

~Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things You May Not Know Part 2

Here is another list of things about me, mostly because I don't know what else to post right now and I'm feeling wordy!

  1. I'm a junk food junky
  2. I hate the wind
  3. I stepped on a nail when I was in the 7th grade and a piece of the shoe was lodged in my foot for awhile
  4. I wish I had a British accent
  5. I like to stand on the hot pavement barefoot
  6. I only paint my toenails red
  7. My husband and I sleep with different blankets
  8. I own a pair of purple, red, and highlighter yellow Roos
  9. I'm addicted to Better Cheddars
  10. If I see a loose dog I will stop and take him home to find his owners
  11. I want to be a model
  12. I've never mowed a lawn on account that I'm highly allergic to grass
  13. I threw a water bottle across the room after the Patriots lost the Superbowl (not my proudest moment)
  14. I love to read and tend to ignore anything and everything when I do (not on purpose)
  15. My favorite numbers are 6 and 13


  1. #3-Ouch! I stepped on a nail in our front yard, in the woodpile. Not fun! I hurt so bad!

    #4-Don't we all! Do you watch any of the Jane Austen BBC movies? I LOVE the Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira Knightley (BBC one is good, but that one's my favorite)

    #12-Yeah, I've often wished I was allergic to grass! Especially the last few weeks at the carwash, my dad and I have to get the yard in front finished up. The city told us we had 30 days to get every piece of grass cut that's over 8"tall!

    #14-I'm finding we have quite a bit in common! I love to read as well. Weirdest place I've ever read? Cooking the kitchen! :)GRIN!

  2. Ouch! Was it hard to get the shoe pieces out? Just thinking about that makes me cringe.
    Speaking of number 4...
    Tomorrow I'm interviewing a Christian artist from England. She has a neat testimony!
    I totally get the reading thing. My Kindle is an addiction! :)

  3. Natasha-I own the Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly! I absolutely adore that movie! That lawn business sounds yucky! It's awesome that we have lots in common, I love it! Me, you, and Melissa should do coffee sometime, that would be lots of fun!

    Gabrielle-It was difficult and painful to get the shoe pieces out. I had to get a tetanus shot in my bum too. My foot was all infected. Nasty stuff. Are you going to blog about the Christian artist? I would love to read about that.

  4. So if you are a food junkie, how do you stay so skinny? I love food. I love good food. I love good for you food, and I love bad food. Thus, a nice spare tire. Certainly you have a secret ???

  5. Yep! I interviewed Tanya via e-mail as she lives in England. She has a neat testimony and it was fun to connect with a Christian artist.
    Have you seen "Butterfly Circus" on YouTube? I just watched it and it was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes.

  6. hishealinggrace- I don't have a secret other than a super fast metabolism. I have trouble keeping weight on actually. I've been tested for all sorts of things, but they haven't found anything. I'm pretty lucky though, I don't have the discipline to diet. I love my junk food :)

    Gabrielle- I haven't seen Butterfly Circus, but I'm going to check it out today!